13 Best and Fun Camping Games for Family and Kids

Camping games

Camping Games is an essential aspect of camping. It makes the experience lively and adventurous. You need to get creative during camp vacation by scheduling some fantastic games into the camp routine. Apart from the fun, games keep the body fit and engaged. Camp Games also offers family and friends the chance to bond and have a memorable time together.  

There are varieties of games you can play on campsites. So, whatever the campgrounds are like, you can still find a suitable match for a camping trip. 

Here are some interesting Camp Games.

1. Charades

Charades is a trendy game; it is played especially on Christmas day. Families can include this game in their camping activities. The game involves two teams. Members of the teams will write down something on paper and split it amongst themselves. Then someone would act on what is written with gestures, and the other person is supposed to guess what is being described before the time ends.  

2. Balloon ping pong

This game is played over a picnic table, you will need table tennis and some balloon to enjoy this game. It is an exciting game for campers. 

3. Cards

Playing Card Games on the campsites is fun. Card games are best for the afternoon beside the beach, under shades, or in the back of a car. All you need is a pack of cards and a friendly site on a picnic. You can choose many card games: Go fish, Crazy Eight, Snap, etc. 

4. Ball sports

Ball sports are enjoyable on campsites, especially for teams or families. It is one of the best camp games in the afternoon. You can decide to play football, cracker, rounders, etc. All you need is a ball and a willing team to participate.

5. The alphabet game

This game is very educative and fun for children. If you are considering camping with your kids, the alphabet game will give them a delightful camp experience. The game involves writing down sporting objects and assigning each of the alphabet from letters A -Z.

6. Catch or don’t catch

All you need to play this exciting game is a ball and a team. This is how the game is played, and everyone forms a circle except one person who stays in the middle of the ring. Then, the man in the center begins to throw the ball at each participant, saying, “catch or don’t catch.” If a player catches the ball when told “don’t catch” or vice versa. The player is out of the game. 

7. Camping Olympics

Camping Olympics combines a variety of camping games, swimming competitions, puzzles, most extended sticks, etc. The exciting aspect of it is that everyone can be carried along. You can organize the game to suit the athlete’s skills and the players’ age.

8. Telling Stories

Storytelling provides a serene platform for children to bond with their parents, friends, and all. It is not only a medium to have fun but also to learn from each other. This game is best for families on vacation. However, everyone, kids, parents, teens, and grandparents, can participate.

What are Some Good Games to Play During Camping?

Camping Games make camp trips more engaging and fun. Most Campers enjoy themselves during a camp vacation by engaging with different adventurous games. The idea is to create an atmosphere to relax and explore new things. This is why camping games cannot be left out when planning a camp trip.   

These are good games you can choose and schedule into your camp activities. 

  • Catch or don’t catch, 
  • Card Games, 
  • Camping Olympic, 
  • Ball sports, 
  • Stargazing, 
  • Hiking, 
  • Charades.

Fun Camping Games for Families

Camping Game extends an atmosphere for families to bond and has a memory together. Unfortunately, these opportunities do not come by quickly, so there is a need to maximize them to the fullest. If you are planning a camping vacation for your family, you can include some exciting games in the camping activities.

These are some fun camping games for families. 

9. Telling Stories

This game does not need any planning. All you need to do is get every member of the family comfortably seated and relaxed. Storytelling fits every age, children, teens, and adults. Etc. 

10. Catch or Don’t Catch

you can organize this camp for your teenagers. All they need is a ball. Everyone stands in a circle except one player, who stands in the middle of the ring, passing the ball around, saying catch or don’t catch. Suppose a player catch when they are told don’t catch. The player is out. 

11. Glow-in-the-Dark Ring Toss

You can play this game with rings and sticks. The players will pick up the glow rings and bars at night. 

12. Noah’s Ark

This game does not need any equipment; all the players need is their sharpness and active memory. The game involves naming animals. A player calls an alphabet, and the other responds by naming an animal that starts with the alphabet. 

13. Obstacle Course

This game is fun for both children and parents. It involves initiating interesting ideas that serve as a game. It takes a lot of energy. Players can change the routine as the game goes on. 

These are a few ways to initiate an obstacle course; crawling under a picnic table, jumping, running to each side of the campsites, standing on top of one toe, etc. 

Camping Games for Adults

Camping creates an escape route for adults who are suffocated by many activities and may never have leisure time. Opting for camping trips will give them time out from their busy lives for some moments. However, this depends on how long the camping vacation will be.  

Apart from a time out, adults maximize camping trips as an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. They could plan mini picnics at beach sites, family camping, dinners and the   

To spice up the camp vacation, include interesting camp games in your camp activities will be a great idea. 

Below are some fun, adventurous and energetic games for adult campers. 

  • Night Frisbee
  • Capture the Flag
  • Tug-of-War
  • The Minefield
  • Spin the Bottle
  • Relay Race
  • Longest Line
  • Ghosts
  • Goodie-Bag Skits
  • Sneak a Peek
  • Foraging
  • Fire Building
  • Frostbite
  • Escape Game

Camping Activities for Students

Students also need some leisure away from the regular routine of school. There are great camp games for students that combines learning and fun. This kind of game presents education in the most adventurous and creative manner. 

All work and no play make one dull. A camping trip will be a good idea the next time your children are on vacation. You can factor these creative and educative games into their camp activities. 

These are ten (10) Camping Activities for Students. 

They can Play

  1. Capture the Flag
  2. Discover Letterboxing
  3. Go birdwatching 
  4. Analyzing Animals Prints
  5. Crafting at the campsite; Rock painting, Nature painting
  6. Study bugs
  7. Molding with clay 
  8. Ask fun Question
  9. Take a quiz Competitions 
  10. Host a shadow puppet show

Camping Games without Equipment

Camping Games are an exciting aspect of outdoor activities. Some camp games require the use of equipment, which might be a limitation if you do not want to carry them to the campground or do not have access to game equipment. If this is your case, you can still have fun playing other camp games that do not need equipment. 

These are some camp games without equipment you can enjoy on campgrounds. 

  • Sausage Game
  • Two Truths and a Lie Game
  • The Human Knot Game
  • Guess Who? Game
  • Secret Dancer Game
  • Sleeping Lions Game
  • Telling Stories