14 Best Beach Camping Near Me

Beach Camping

Beach Camping gives you a unique experience different from other types of camping. There are millions of beaches in many Countries and States. No matter where you are on earth, you can locate beaches near you for your camping vacation. However, many beaches do not allow camping on the beachside. But you can identify the closest campgrounds around the beach you want to explore. 

Beach camping could be near oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, and even waterfalls. If you are planning a beach camp, you can search for “beach near me” This can be done quickly using your internet browser. Then, simply visit camp websites on the Internet where you can track and book unique beach campsites. In addition, there are websites like www.campsites.com, californiabeach.com, and hundreds of other sites that can guide you on beach tours. 

Beach Camping North Carolina 

Beach Camping comes with different flavors of experience. Each terrain has its uniqueness, and it essentially depends on the weather and the natural and geographical nature of the Nation or states where the beach is located. 

Beach Camping in North Carolina has a pleasant natural experience altogether. The beaches in this terrain have natural landscapes that will give you an exceptional camping experience.

Check out some top beach camping spots in North Carolina.

1. Carolina Beach State Park

This Park is a central state park in California, and it was once named the Regional State Park of the year. Carolina Beach is located on the Atlantic side of a barrier Island in the south of Wilmington. There are facilities like secluded wooded camping areas with about 83 Campsites adorn picnic tables and grill spots. The beach has a marina, miles of hiking trips, and a luxurious place for Venue Flytrap. 

You can enjoy many fun and adventurous activities on this beach; fishing deck on the riverside, a fresh bath from the waters of the cape fear river, estuarine waters of Masonboro sound, and the salt waters of the Atlantic. 

2. Surf City Campground, Topsail Beach

Surf City Campground is located at Topsail Beach, and this beach is in the south of camp Lejeune. It is among the topmost visited beach site in North Carolina. You can enjoy the warm Atlantic waters on one side, fishing and swimming with family and friends on the other side. 

The beach provides facilities like RV sites, wireless Internet, house, and flush toilets. 

3. Hammocks Beach State Park

This Beach Park is located on a secluded Beach Island. It is 3mile long and can only be accessed by ferry jets, canoe, or kayak. It has about 14 primitive campsites, a bathhouse, pit toilets, and an outdoor cool shower. In Hammocks Beach, facilities are only accessible during the warmer months of the year, and if you want to camp during the off-season, you need to come with everything you need. The site provides opportunities for hiking, fishing, and many more.  

4. Freeman Park

Freeman Park is a beautiful site to visit. It is located in Carolina Beach. The Park has a traditional background and provides an exceptional experience like a bonfire. You can pitch your tent or camp with your vehicle. 

5. Lake James State Park

Lake James is situated at the base of Linville Gorge. There are more than 20 boats at the campsites with which campers can enjoy paddling across the lake. It also has 20 backpack sites for visitors to pitch their tents, plus facilities like a bathhouse with a warm shower, a swim beach, hiking, and mountain biking trails. You can enjoy swimming, fishing, boat paddling, adventurous walks through the wild forest, and much more. 

6. Ocean Waves Campground

Ocean Waves Campground is located at Hatteras Island, south of Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hill. The campground operates only seasonally between the period of March to November, and it has 68 Campsites plus a water and electricity supply. It also offers other exclusive facilities like camp stores, a game room, and a swimming pool. You can enjoy all kinds of comfort on the beach, and you can go fishing, play a game and enjoy swimming. Other luxuries include free Wi-Fi, cable TV hookups, and a bathhouse with warm showers and flush.

7. Ocracoke Island, Cape Hatteras National Seashore

This Island is located on Cape Hatteras National Seashore on the outer banks’ outskirts. It is 13 miles from the pristine beach and can only be accessed by boat. You can enjoy a variety of things on the Island, surfing, fishing, clamming, beach combing, wildlife views, boogie boarding, etc.  

Beach Camping in Florida

Beach Camping in Florida offers you the luxury of unique camping experiences. It houses over 900 Campgrounds with over 100,000 campsites. These Campgrounds offer varieties of recreational and adventurous opportunities. 

Do you want to have an exceptional and fulfilling beach camping experience? Here are topnotch beaches in Florida that will best suit your expectation.

8. Bahia Honda State Park

Bahia Honda is the most visited state park in Florida, and this is because of its nature preserve and serene environment. The Park is adorned with coconut palms, white sand, and a clear tropical river and houses 80 Campsites. The setting of the park campsites provides the feel of a 5-star hotel. If you are thinking of a cozy place to spend a beach vacation, then this Park will be a great option. 

9. St. George Island State Park

The Park is located on the east end of the barrier island surrounding Apalachicola Bay. It has over 60 Campsites along its white sandy beaches. If you are looking for a quiet walk on stretch sand, this Park will suit your need. The camp is undercrowded, making it the best option for outdoor activities.  

10. St. Andrews State Park

If you want to enjoy more water sports, then this Park got it all covered. St Andrews Park houses 179 Campsites around a pristine beach and emerald, green waters, where campers can swim, dive, snorkel, kayak, and go canoeing. 

11. Long Key State Park

This Park is in the Florida Keys along the Atlantic Ocean. It has 60campsites, and these sites are only in the state where you can walk a little 100 feet and find the ocean. Instead, you can explore the natural blue seas and different offshore coral reefs. This is a perfect spot for exploring nature trails by foot or sailing on a water lagoon on a kayak.  

12. Anastasia State Park

Anastasia State Park is located within a maritime hammock. It provides 139 well equip campsites which are 4 miles away from the white sandy beaches. You can enjoy bird watching, hiking, swimming, and many more activities. 

13. Fort Clinch State Park

Fort Clinch is north of Fernandina Beach on Florida’s Amelia Island, and It has 68 campsites within a campground close to the beach. This north-walled Island includes 3 miles of beach, a 0.5-mile-long fishing pier, and 6 miles of wildlife trails. Its rich nature preserve offers campers a variety of activities to make their stay enjoyable. 

14. Fort Pickens at Gulf Islands National Seashore

Fort Pickens is found in Florida’s preserved Gulf Islands, and this Seashore houses 200 campsites on the west end of Santa Rosa Island. The Seashore has been adorned with blue-green seas, white sandy beaches, and historic mansions since 1800. 

Ocean Beach Camping

Ocean Beach Camping always provides a comfortable and adventurous experience. Campers enjoy the luxury of fishing, swimming, diving, and walking on the gentle white sands of ocean shores.   

Most Ocean Beach do not have their Campgrounds on the beach but are a little mile away from the beach. So, all you see around ocean beach are wood-fired barbecue spots, picnic tables, canopies and shades, camp stores, and bar spots. 

Ocean Beach Camping provides campsites with facilities like toilets, tents, camper trailers, bathhouses, etc. Campfires are also allowed to keep campers warm from the ocean wind. 

Beach Camping Massachusetts

Camping is spiced up by what region it is. Some territories are more affluent in vegetation preserves, while others are rocky and mountain terrains. You can determine your camp experience by the choice you make. If you want to experience appealing views and cozy beach sights, you should consider camping in Massachusetts. Its serene environment is breathtaking, from the sounds of waves to the salt smell of the water. 

Some best campsites allow you the luxury of camping on the beach. I will list some of the best beaches you can camp in Massachusetts.

Check them out from the list below.

  • Sandy Neck, West Barnstable
  • The Horseneck Beach State Reservation, Westport
  • Race Point Beach, Provincetown
  • Salisbury Beach State Reservation, Salisbury
  • Scusset Beach State Reservation, Sandwich

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