5 Best and Unique Camping Ground during the Weekend U.S.

Camping Ground

Camping Ground is a place of recreation and relaxation. For most people, it is a time out from their regular routines. The best option for such a vacation could be a place far from home or out of everyday city life. Special recreational centers like parks, beaches, hostels, tourist centers, etc., offer camping facilities. Other options could be backcountry camping and explore of villages, mountainsides, etc.

This article showcases some best camping grounds in the United States you might need to consider when planning your weekend vacation. Stuffing through the grounds of their excellent camp, the glorious mountains sights, lakes, streams, beautiful country sides, beaches, expansive wilderness sights, etc., with so many avenues for recreational activities like hiking, swimming, fishing, hunting, bird hunting, etc.

Here are five top-notch camping grounds best for Weekends in the U.S.

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is in Maine, and the camp is on Mount Desert Island. The Park is known as a place of nature, a vast forest resort of about 17 million acres, 6000 lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, etc. The Park has three campgrounds where campers can build their tents.

The campgrounds are uniquely different from each other. They have the Blackwood Campground close to a bar, Seawall Campground, and Schoodic Woods located on the Schoodic peninsula.  

White Mountain National Forest

The forest has a very appealing sight of nature. It is found in the northern part of the Appalachian valley.

The forest has few campgrounds and many campsites. White Mountain is the place to go if you want a rugged camping experience.

Minnewaska State Park Reserve, New York

This Park is located about 94 miles away from New York City. It is situated at Shawangunk ridge. It is more than 2,000 above sea level, rounded by a rocky landscape.

The Park has ample space for hiking and biking. The view of its natural terrain is captivating. There is a campground close to the park.  

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

This Park is just a short drive away from Washington, D.C. It is adorned with beautiful forest waterfalls, trails, and an eight-mile high, suitable for hiking. The Park opens in spring, summer, and fall. It has five campgrounds, all functional.

Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland

The Campground has 37miles of beaches for camping, swimming, hiking, paddling, biking, craving, etc. In addition, the Season shores have several campgrounds and facilities. 

Where is the Best Place to set up Camp Overnight?

Dubai is the best place to camp overnight. The city is located on the Persian Gulf’s southern coast, with vibrant tourist sites, expansive deserts, luxurious buildings, etc. Besides the luxury of city life in Dubai, it also has beautiful and adventurous forests and deserts. Its desert landscapes will give you the feel of an Arabian Wilderness Experience.

An overnight camping experience is an excellent opportunity to explore the wild terrain of the country. Dubai has the best and most authoritative camping sites in the world. In Dubai, you are offered a variety of classy and luxurious camping sites, from air-conditioned hostels to traditional wilderness tents.

Also, many exciting camping activities will keep you entertained and amazed. From sandboarding and biking, desert life exploits camel rides and views of wealthy tourists, culture, and historical places. Visiting Dubai for your next camping vacation will give you a lasting memory of pleasure and adventure. 

What State is Most Popular for Camping?

There are many campgrounds and millions of recreational campsites in the U.S. But the most popular State with luxurious and exciting campgrounds in Washington. The State is a center of engaging camps, with many playgrounds for outdoor adventures, different tourist forests, and scenic wilderness. Washington records the highest number of campgrounds and campsites in the Nation. Oregon also has some of the highest numbers of camps. States on the West Coast generally have more expensive camping facilities than others.

How do I plan a Weekend Camping Trip?

Camping is an exciting and recreational experience. It offers time out to relax and stay off regular day-to-day routines. A lot of planning is needed for your camping experience to be worth it. Planning a camping trip is easy if you desire to get outdoors. Then the first thing is to pick a date, and then you need to scout for a campground. Choosing the Campground will depend on what you want. Do you want a quiet time beside the beach? Do you want a ragged experience of wildlife and wilderness? The next important thing to do is get a list of all you need; this should include camping kits and food, beverages, sanitary, etc.

Here is an outline of things to get done when planning a camping trip.

  • Pick a date
  • Scout for a Camping Ground; you should check out the camping ground before the actual camping date. These will help you plan better.
  • Get all camping kits ready; Are you camping on a public or private campsite? Get your tent, camp blanket, sanitary, first aid box, heater, etc.
  • Get your Food, Beverages, and Drinks. You can check around for water supply during the scouting.

Best Campgrounds in the U.S. for Families

Camping offers a fantastic experience for families to bond and enjoys themselves away from home and other work routines. Millions of campgrounds in the U.S. are safe and have luxurious and enjoyable camping facilities for families. In addition, these campgrounds are adorned with beautiful parks, waterways, ecological sites, and nature preserves.

These are examples of the best campgrounds in the U.S. for Families.

  • The Atlantic coast of Northern Florida; This Campground has facilities for surfing, swimming, fishing, and boating.
  • Creek State Park

Creek State Park is family friendly. It is located 15miles close to Niagara Falls. The campgrounds have so many exciting and historical views to explore.

Other natural scenes include:

  • The Lake Ontario shoreline.
  • A clear view of Toronto.
  • The mouth of Four Mile Creek with various animals to view.

Also, a swimming beach is available nearby at Pool swimming at fort Niagara State Park and Four Mile Creek State Park Beach.  

Four Mile Creek has about 275 campsites, some in shaded areas and others in sunny areas. The Park also has basic amenities like showers, toilets, and laundry. Other facilities include a modern playground, camp stores, and a yurt.

Best Places to Camp on the East Coast

The East Coast has many luxurious and enjoyable campgrounds that suit various camp experiences. In addition, these camps are rich in aesthetic preserves, like waterfalls, beaches, rocky terrain, animals, swimming pools, and many pools. In this article, I will mention some best campgrounds on the East Coast.

These are some best places to camp on the east coast.  

Acadia National Park

This Park is located on the northeast coast of Maine. Acadia is adorned with beautiful oceans and other exciting sights. The Park has three campgrounds. The Blackwood Campground; is located at the central part of the park on Mount Desert near Bar Harbor. The campsite is private, with many shades, fire pits, and ocean shores.

Maine Island (M.E.)

It has one of the best camping sites on the East Coast. From the exploring moments of sleeping in the Acadia woods to the over 200 Islands available for backcountry camp experiences.

The camping sites are primitive, and you need small boats or sea kayaks to access the campsites. However, on Maine Island, you have interactive recreational activities like paddling, views of rocky beaches, pools, and coastal scenes.

Watkins Glen State Park Six Nation Campground (N.Y.)

It is located in Finger Lakes Region, New York. The Campground is Graced with a waterfall in a valley surrounded by vegetation. It is another best place to camp on the East Coast, with a good site for hiking.

Monga up Pond (N.Y.)

This pond is adorned with a wetland area with seagrass growing in the middle of the pond and trees surrounding it. It is located in the Catskills region of New York surrounded by grasses and trees. Monga up has many campsites and hiking trails. The greenery scenes are the most thrilling experience camping in Mongeau pond, especially during summer.

The Campgrounds have campsites good for car camping, grilling spots, and local firewood sites. Water supply is provided through water filling stations around the campsites and restrooms facilities.

Camping Trips for Adults

Camping trips are a few activities that help an adult enjoy a vacation and explore adventure. Many Camping options can suit an adult. No matter the kind of person you are, there is something that will do you: adventures in the wilderness, calm and quiet beaches, rocky and mountain experiences, backcountry sights, etc.

The first thing to do is to decide if you want a private or public camping experience. This would be based on your goal, whether for relaxation, an intimate affair, or a wild and adventurous public one.

In this article, I would show four adult camping trips you can choose from.

Car backing

This camping is the same as front-country, car, and base-camping. You can simply drive your car to the camping site. Pitch a tent close to your vehicle, where to stay during the camping period. Then, you can take a walk away from the tent to explore other sights.


This camp is best if you want to avoid your daily life routine. It is a great outdoor experience that can disconnect you from the noise of other activities. You can explore many campsites by simple overnight treks to long trails, hills, and mountain terrains. This camping requires serious planning, preparation, and training.


This camping style combines adventurous bike tours and backpacking through hills and long trails. The camper can cover more miles while backpacking using the bike. Instead of carrying your gear on your back, you can have it on the bike.  


This camping style will suit you if you are not much of an outdoor person. It offers a luxurious option of camping in a private hostel and spending time outdoors doing other recreational activities. There are exclusive centers, boutique sites, etc. Glamping camping is very suitable for family camping.

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