9 Best, Fun and Unique Things to do in Orlando

Things to do in Orlando

The things to do in a city nicknamed beautiful cannot be anything short of its name. Orlando is a city in the U.S State of Florida, situated about 60 miles northwest of Melbourne and 85 miles northeast of Tampa. Flanked by gorgeous lakes, the city is home to diverse species of migratory birds.

The city is often referred to as ‘‘The City Beautiful,’’ a phrase that alludes to enchanting landscapes. Breathtaking views at sunset and awe-inspiring lakes give you dreamy Cinderella vibes. Lush vegetation adorns the landscapes crisscrossed with swamps and lakes, providing an ambiance that is serene and enthralling.

Planning a vacation to this beautiful city, and you are wondering about the things to do in Orlando? Whether a solo visit, a family vacation, or a trip with friends, Orlando offers a signature tour package for everybody who visits. From Lake Baldwin Park to the famous Walt Disney World Resort, the city is home to the most beautiful sceneries you can imagine.

Relax and let this article walk you through all the exciting things to do in the city of Orlando

Things to do in Orlando for adults

1. Get first-class entertainment at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

This is for performing arts enthusiasts who love a front-row seat at this kind of event. Situated in Downtown Orlando, the center features a 2,700 -seat capacity hall for various live performances. There are ballet recitals, musicals, orchestral concerts, and several others.

If you are looking for a place that will give you world-class shows that takes your breath away, then the Dr. Phillip Center for the Performing Arts is the right place to be. If you love movie soundtracks, settle in as the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra is ready to give you a sensation play of the number while you watch the movie.

Photo credit: Dr. Phillips Center

Tickets to events in the center are purchased either online or from the box office at the entrance of the building. Visitors can enjoy a 45-minute free tour of the facility to become acquainted with the history of the place. Whether it is a movie night or an impulse to binge on some classics, the center has you covered.

2. Get scream-worthy fun at Universal’s Volcano Bay

This is one of the iconic things to do in Orlando because it is so much fun. This safari-like theme park features a rainforest village clad in hanging foliage and jungle vines. Ride the Kala & Tai Nui serpentine slides and drift away in a twisting motion down cascading water.

Photo credit: Universal’s Volcano Bay

Waturi Beach, Punga Racers, Taniwha Tubes, drop slides, and several others exist. There is non-stop fun at Universal’s Volcano Bay because there are features at every point to give you scream-worthy entertainment. So, lounge with friends and enjoy the rush of adrenaline with every moment.

It is a great idea for fun and certainly one of the ideal things to do to get creative entertainment.

3. Cruise on airboat down the swamps of Boggy Creek

When you visit Orlando for the first time and want a tour of Florida’s natural beauty, Boggy Creek has an adventure that awaits you with open arms. The airboat tour brings you face-to-face with nature in its unaltered form, delivering a raw spectacle of wildlife in their arrays.

Photo credit: Boggy Creek

Rent an airboat and ride with family or friends, and you might just catch the neighborhood’s favorite inhabitant, the alligator basking in the sun or taking a swimming stroll. Lounged on the edge of Kissimmee, Orlando, Boggy Creek is a vast stretch of swampy Everglades in CENTRAL Florida. Explore nature in its untapped form, cruise through hidden waterways, and discover an ecosystem rich in exotic birds, turtles, and the local alligator, which is a prominent feature of the place.

If you want to stray from the busy city life and enjoy something more serene and natural, make a trip to Boggy Creek part of your itinerary, and you will have an epic movie-like experience.

Things to do in Orlando with kids

4. Share an Aquatic experience at Discovery Cove

Ready to get all wet and close-up with Dolphins? Sounds fun and interesting, an idea many would dare to oppose as this gives you a one-time experience to see this sea mammal from a close view. Discovery Cove is a resort with tropical vibes that allows you to relax and unwind with nature just as you like it.

Photo credit: Discovery Cove

Grab a bathing suit as you might want to get in the water with Dolphins, snorkel with fishes and interact with exotic birds in their natural habitat. As an all-inclusive tourist location, it is suitable for all ages, and families can take the time to spend quality time with their kids in this place.

Whether you want to relax or explore the fun features of the park, Discovery Cove gives you a reason to come back for more experience.

5. Thrive in the luxury of Lake Eola Park

Welcome to a dreamy adventure of roaming Swans adrift lakes in white plumage. Situated in Downtown Orlando, off East Washington Street, Lake Eola Park is the favorite spot for your vacation fantasies.

Whether you want to enjoy a picnic on the freshly mowed lawns, ride on the swan-shaped paddle boats, or revel in the beauty of the fantastic landscape, Lake Eola Park is suitable for just the right amount of fun. Take picture-perfect shots and frame them for souvenirs, unwind with a movie or concert at the Walt Disney Amphitheater.

Photo credit: lake Eola Park

The things you can do here with kids are immense, especially when you let them feed the swans or other birds in the park. The park is home to many wildlife and the ultimate spot for outdoor relaxation. So, take a walk in this paradise and thrive in luxury it presents.

Things to do in Orlando at night

6. Have a magical moment at Harry P. Leu Gardens

Located in Downtown Orlando, this 50-acre botanical garden is an oasis of natural beauty. Quiet and nestled in a serene atmosphere that commands a sublime disposition, Harry P. Leu Gardens is an extensive spread of green goodness nurtured by the devotion of Mr. and Mrs. Leu, who was famous for bringing back the plants from their trips.

Photo credit: Harry P. Leu Gardens

This lush garden is divided into 15 themed sections: a Citrus Grove, Floral Clock, Tropical Stream Garden, and a Butterfly Garden. Immerse your imagination in the blooming field of azaleas, roses, and several other flowers which delight your view.

The draping foliage provides the garden with a rainforest ambiance that is tropical and serene, vast in its display of natural flora and fauna. After a garden tour, dine in elegance or enjoy a movie night at the gardens with a breath of fresh air within every mile.

7. Let down your hair with a ride on the Orlando Eye

If you want a great perspective of the city from a close view, a ride on the Orlando Eye gives tourists a picture of this paradise. Aglow with dynamic lights, Orlando offers a captivating panoramic eye view of Orlando.

Hold your breath because this giant wheel gives tourists a merry-go-round experience that sends adrenaline through your entire body. At night, the Orlando Eye lifts you to a height of 400ft and gives you a 360 observation of the city. So, swirl in excitement to the thrilling experience on this ride at night.

Cheap things to do in Orlando

8. Delight in the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour

Lounge on a cruise ride that takes you through lakes Virginia, Osceola, and Maitland. Take the city view from the cruise boat and enjoy the spectacular sight of mansions owned by celebrities.

The Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour takes guests through the interconnecting seven lakes, which form the central feature of the park. Relax in the 18-passenger pontoon boats and enjoy a tour of nature bestowed on an adventure driven by a tour guide.

Photo credit: Park Scenic Boat Tour

Enjoy a spectacle of tree canopies that silhouette against the park’s dense vegetation. Catch a glimpse of ancient cypress, banana, palm trees, ferns, and every other plant that grows in the terrain. Here, nature is at its best, imploring you with natural splendor displayed everywhere in the park. Tourists can enjoy a ride of fun and adventure for USD 16.00 per adult and USD 8.00 per child.

9. Tour the fun spots at Disney Springs

at the Walt Disney World Resort lies Disney Springs, a tourist spot that offers its guests an exciting world of possibilities laden with fun and endless entertainment. There is an array of fun spots to visit at Disney Springs.

Dine in restaurants owned by celebrity chefs and explore a taste of cuisines made from wholesome ingredients fresh off the farm. Celebrity chefs such as Jose Andres, Art Smith of Homecoming Florida Kitchen, Masaharu Morimoto of Morimoto Asia, and several others form a blend of culinary genius who whip up tasty delicacies that delight the palette of tourists and guests.

Photo credit: Disney Springs

Settle into a fusion of food and music at the House of Blues. Enjoy international performances or listen to a live concert while munching on delicious snacks. Whatever fun you seek at Disney Springs, you will surely get an extra dose of it.

Still, thinking of all the fun things to do in Orlando? I bet you have a handful of ideas right now. The city is as beautiful as its name, and every tourist attraction reiterates this stance.

When to visit Orlando

The best time to visit the city of Orlando is from March through May, as this is the most favorable period to enjoy all your vacation ideas without a hitch. Although the town has an all-year warm weather pattern, there are still peak periods for vacation trips.

So, pack a bag and head out to the city nicknamed beautiful and explore the landscapes which attest to this name.

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