9 Best, fun and unique things to do in Atlanta

things to do in Atlanta

There are so many things to do in Atlanta, are you ready to explore the beauty of Atlanta but unsure about what to do in Atlanta when you visit? Then look no further as this article promises to take you on a tour of your life. 

Located at the foothill of Appalachian Mountain, Atlanta is the capital city of the United States of Georgia. The city has a dense tree coverage draped with lush vegetation, a topography that is alluring and worthy of exploration.

For fun-seeking tourists and guests, a wide array of spots can keep you engaged. You can indulge in arts and entertainment because the city is home to major companies involved in performing arts, opera, theater, orchestra, music, ballet, and exhibition. The beautiful skyline leaves a breathtaking note of sparkling stars at night.

Indulge your imagination with mind-blowing scenery. First, tour the amazing Piedmont Park and immerse yourself in the eye-catching graffiti art of the Krog street tunnel underground passageway. Then, by visiting the World of Coca-Cola Museum, fascinate yourself with the success story of the world’s famous drink.

Looking for things to do in Atlanta when you visit the amazing city? Well, look no further as this article will walk you through the amazing places you will enjoy when you are in the city. So, here are some useful tips that will guide you on the things to do in Atlanta. 

Things to do in Atlanta at night 

Atlanta is home to favorite celebrity spots, top DJs, and famous VIP areas. In addition, it has great music venues, bars, and lounges. Thinking of the things to do in Atlanta at night or the places to visit when you are on tour? Do not fret because we have you covered.

Enjoy the Georgia aquarium treat

Ever wondered about what lies beneath the ocean and wished to have a close look at the spectacular view of this habitat?

The Georgia Aquarium is a wonder to behold as this architectural splendor holds the key to a deep dive experience with aquatic animals such as Whales and Dolphins. Standing in an enclosure, separated from the sea inhabitants by thick transparent glass, the aquarium gives you an awe-inspiring encounter.

things to do in Atlanta
Photo credit: Georgia aquarium

The fishes float around the aquarium in delight, giving a guest or tourist a heartwarming reception prompted by the display of tactical fin move or shoal dance. Visiting the Georgia Aquarium is a thrilling experience and one of the fun things to do in Atlanta at night. 

At night, the aquarium is lit with an oceanic hue that keeps guests enthralled, and as the fishes enter their swimming performances, a tourist is treated to a fun-packed show.

A walk in the piedmont park landscape

Do you love to have a walk-in-the-park experience whenever you are on vacation? Then make the walk experience worthwhile when you are in Atlanta by enjoying the meadow of green goodness.

 Piedmont Park hosts over 6 million visitors annually and is a hub of activities for event gatherings. During the day, the park is adorned with a brilliant green hue, but at night, the entire park is aglow with an electrifying ambiance that serenades the tourists.

things to do in Atlanta
Photo credit: piedmont park

Whenever you are in Atlanta, take a walk across the beautiful landscape of Piedmont Park and immerse yourself in its beauty. Planning on your next vacation spots? Atlanta has a list of amazing places you can visit and taking a walk in this lush park should be on your tour list.

Not sure of the things to do in Atlanta when you visit? Then make Piedmont Park a part of your bucket list whenever you are in the city of Atlanta.

Watch the light show at the Atlanta botanic garden

Are you a fan of light shows? Does your heart race in miles whenever there is a neon display? Then the Atlanta botanic garden light is a spectacle to behold at night. The fun part is that there is something for the entire family.

things to do in Atlanta
Photo credit: Atlanta botanic garden

The Atlanta botanic garden has 30 acres of outdoor gardens suitable for children and adults. One of the amazing features is the walk-through canopy of Storza Woods and an outdoor kitchen that displays an edible garden, a delight for anyone who has graced the path of this amazing garden.

Things to do in Atlanta, Georgia, with kids

Visit the world of the Coca-Cola Museum

I bet we have all had a bottle of coke at some point. This soda has a history of success that has kept the organization afloat for many years. A visit to the museum with an archive of history that celebrates this brand is worth the try.

things to do in Atlanta

The museum supplies information about the brand to tourists. It is quite educational for kids and their parents. Visitors are welcomed with a drink from their favorite brand and, later, take a tour around the museum. Finally, they are allowed to enjoy a refreshing drink from the brand’s various products.

The kids can have an interactive session with the tour guides, who provide an exciting experience for their guests, especially with the polar bear mascot, which is a delight for the kids. So, the kids can have fun and gain knowledge at the same time during a trip to the museum.

Enjoy a safari experience at zoo Atlanta

We all know that children adore animation movies. However, it is more exciting when they come face-to-face with these animals. 

Enjoying a safari experience with the kids makes any vacation eventful because it is fun, entertaining, and educational. So, giving the kids a jungle experience in this safari is worth every penny.

things to do in Atlanta
Photo credit: Zoo Atlanta

The Zoo Atlanta makes every visit an exciting one for parents as they are allowed to interact with the animals from a secured position. In addition, the kids can meet pandas, giraffes, and other interesting animals.

Tour the children’s museum of Atlanta

If you are on vacation with your kids in Atlanta and you are thinking of things to do while you are there, then taking them on a tour of the children’s museum of Atlanta is the way to go.

things to do in Atlanta
Photo credit: Grace Christain Academy

Here, they are surrounded by various toys and features that aid educational learning. The museum has a curated experience for kids between 8 years and below. Their skills and wit are sharpened by the vast array of educational materials in the museum.

Things to do in Atlanta, Georgia, for couples

Binge on a movie at the fox theatre 

Planning a destination wedding and thinking about places that will give you an astounding wedding experience? Look no further, as there are many things to do in Atlanta for couples. 

things to do in Atlanta
Photo credit: fox theatre 

Atlanta has amazing places such as the Fox Theatre for couples who are movie lovers. Famous for its live performances, the Fox Theatre engages its audience with the exhilarating concert and Broadway shows.

The architectural structure of the theatre is breathtaking. It is a masterpiece that leaves its visitors in awe with the spectacular ambiance of starry decorations that lights up the arena when there is a show. 

So, for couples thinking of a getaway or considering a vacation, the Fox Theatre is a splendid choice for that romantic moment. So, snuggle up to a bowl of popcorn and binge on your favorite show or concert. From weddings to romantic getaways, Atlanta is a fun place to be and helps couples create noteworthy memories that linger for a long time.

Ride the sky view Atlanta

Do you like the feeling of adrenaline that surges through your skin when you ride a merry-go-round? Then if you do, you should consider riding the Skyview Atlanta because it serves the dose of adrenaline suitable for romantic moments.

Riding on the Skyview Atlanta gives tourists a panoramic view of Downtown Atlanta. If taking a tour of the city is among your list of things to do in Atlanta, then having a ride on the Skyview gives you a better perspective of the city.

And for couples who want to bond and strengthen their romance, riding the Skyview Atlanta ignites a sparkle for a romantic date night.

Share a picnic date

Nothing is as soothing as a romantic date for any couple. It sets the mood for a romantic vibe that warms up any relationship.

For couples in Atlanta who wish to enjoy a picnic together but lack the idea to pull off a memorable one, do not fret, as AmazingCo has you covered with their unique offer of mystery picnics worldwide, including in Atlanta.

Book an appointment with the company, and they can suggest a suitable place for your picnic in Atlanta. Couples can also explore some areas in the city and make memories with every visit. Places like Marietta and Roswell are exciting and fun, especially for couples.

When to visit Atlanta

Planning a trip or a vacation can be an intense experience, especially on your first trip. However, these trips can be made easier by accessing information that will make the journey seamless and eventful.

If you are wondering when the best time is to visit Atlanta, then settle in for tips that will help with your vacation experience. Visiting the city of Atlanta is better from March to May.

During Spring or Fall in Atlanta, the weather is mild and comfortable for outdoor activities. This enables a tourist to make the most of their holiday experience by planning the things to do in Atlanta.

So, pack your bag and get ready for the adventure of your life because Atlanta will not let your vacation expectations down.


There are several things to do in Atlanta when you visit the city. It is a beehive of fun activities, and its landscapes beckon tourists with open arms.

Whether planning a solo vacation or going with the family, Atlanta has diverse locations that will make your vacation experience worthwhile.