12 Best, Fun and Unique Things to Do in Houston, Texas

Things to Do in Houston

Ever been fascinated by the intriguing ideas behind Space science and would love to feel the propelling desire that fuels the innovation of these space engineers? Then Houston is the place to be. And if you are thinking of the things to do in Houston, Texas, when you visit the fantastic city, take a trip to NASA’s Johnson Space Center and have an experience you will surely remember for a long time.

Houston is the largest city in the United States. Prominent for its abundant parks and luxuriant green vegetation, it is home to over 200 additional green spaces, which host several tourists annually.

Named after former General Sam Houston, the President of the Republic of Texas, it is a vibrant and dynamic city. Nicknamed Bayou City, it welcomes its tourists with landmarks and historical features which make their time in the city worthwhile.

Are you a music enthusiast and you are looking for exciting things to do in Houston, Texas, then you will enjoy a vacation to Houston because it is famous for being the starting place for iconic music stars such as Beyoncé Knowles, Travis Scott, Meghan the Stallion, Destiny’s Child, Slim Thug, and several others.

Houston, Texas, is known for its multicultural composition, making it a thriving place for several businesses. From the traditional -clothing boutiques of natives from different ethnic orientations to restaurants that delight their guests with wholesome meals, giving tourists moments to treasure.

Planning a trip to Houston, you are thinking of the fun things to do while in the city. Well, get ready because this article will take you on tour around the beautiful places in the city. So, here are the exciting places to visit in Houston, Texas

1. Explore History at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

Visiting the Houston Museum of Natural Science should be on your bucket list. The things to do in this Museum are enjoyable and educational because it is the facility that maintains the George Observatory in Fort Bend County, the center with the largest telescope in the country.

The Houston Museum of Natural science takes tourists on an exhibition tour on mineralogy, a live display of fascinating insects and animals. There are several exciting things to do at the Museum.

At the place, tourists also visit the Burke Planetarium and Cockrell Butterfly Center and enjoy a tour of natural science topics like energy, paleontology, minerals, and astronomy.

Visit the hall of Ancient Egypt and explore the cradle of civilization. You can never get bored with all the historical information you can access with a visit to the Museum.

2. Enjoy the Spectacular View of Hermann Park for Free

We all love to take a walk in a park and enjoy the touch of nature. The sight of green scenery is therapeutic and fun simultaneously, giving us an air of freedom that resonates with our energy and health.

Considering a trip to the park when you visit Houston, then Hermann Park is the ideal destination for you. The park is significant for its green shade and a large expanse of fantastic spots for relaxation. Named after George Hermann, who presented the park to the City of Houston in 1914 serves over six million visitors annually. 

Every day, the park throws its gates open to visitors for free. Yes! You heard me, and it is free of charge. So, take advantage of this offer and visit the park in Houston.  

3. Create Memories in Front of the Houston Graffiti Building

Thinking of the things to do in Houston to create lasting memories with your friends and family? The Houston Graffiti Building has the suitable canvas for you to paint those memories.

Art enthusiasts should prepare for this one because the building has a vibrant background with an artistic display of colorful creativity. It is a perfect spot for that new social media picture and an ideal place to enjoy a rich collection of artful exhibitions.

Giant murals adorn the city of Houston, and these artworks pay tribute to all the exciting things in the city. The best part is that you do not pay a dime to visit this building.

4. Ride the Waves at The Galveston Seawall

Does the thought of treating your skin to some summer vibe ever cross your mind? It is one of the fun things to do in Houston City. Take a trip to Galveston’s historic seawall and enjoy some time at the beach.

Relax and take in the spectacular view of surfers or participate in surfing by taking lessons from a guide. If riding the waves is something you enjoy, you can take a plunge and immerse yourself in its luxury. 

The Galveston Seawall spans over 10 miles, giving tourists a breathtaking view of the beaches and resorts. Then afterward, tourists can indulge their palette in a culinary adventure.

Enjoy mouth-watering seafood cuisines that are tastefully prepared to delight your appetite.

Things to Do in Houston, Texas at Night

5. Discover the wonders of the sky at The George Observatory

Familiar with the Twinkle, Twinkle, little star poem? Yes, I bet we all have. It is a popular nursery rhyme that reminds us of a childish inclination to discover the sky’s wonders. Well, the George Observatory has the answer to that question.

Wondering about the things to do in Houston at night? Search no further because the George Observatory is the place that unlocks the gates to the sky view of Houston at night. The center has the36’’ Gueymard research telescope, which gives tourists a crystal view of the moon and other planetary bodies in the sky.

Enjoy the planetary view through the lens of the historic telescope. Engage your curiosity and share questions that might be tugging at the sleeves of your heart. There are expert Astronomers in the facility to answer your questions.

Tourists can also take a hike around Creekfield lake in Brazos Bend Park to enjoy the activities of some nocturnal wildlife after the telescopic view of the sky at the observatory. The George Observatory is open to visitors every Saturday, so you should consider including a visit to this place in your list of things to do in Houston

6. Lounge with Friends at Social Beer Garden

Night live in Houston is fun and pleasant. You can browse the streets and enjoy the jazzy scenario of midtown Houston. Here, you can lounge with friends and thrive in the Social Beer Garden’s outdoor experience.

Interact with a community of food bloggers and restauranteurs. Savor the delicacies served by various food trucks and enjoy the meals with beers and cocktails.

Visiting the Social Beer Garden is a delight at night. The view of food trucks, pop-up events, and live entertainment gives tourists a grand welcome when they visit the garden.

7. Switch Up Your Bowling Game at Bowl & Barrel

Want to switch up your bowling game and enjoy a bowling alley designed with the right aesthetic? The Bowl & Barrel is fifteen world-class bowling lanes that provide fun and entertainment.

The arena is busy and has an arcade that features a beer hall and tavern. It is ideal for a couple’s getaway and suitable for a casual get-together. Embrace the elegant atmosphere that greets you when you arrive at the venue. Then, settle down with the latest Qubica/AMF bowling and video and audio equipment.

8. Enjoy a Live Performance at White Oak Music Hall

Get a front-row seat to music premiers of any genre and watch an electrifying musical performance anytime you visit the White Oak Music Hall. So, if you love the sound of music and are trying to figure out which place in Houston serves the most musical entertainment, then your answer is right here.

Photo credit: whiteoakmusichall

The white Oak Music Hall is an 8,000-square-foot complex that features excellent indoor and outdoor music, and it is a place to treat yourself to state-of-the-art musical acoustics.

Things to Do in Houston, Texas with Kids

9. Share a Moment with the kids at The Downtown Aquarium

Give the kids an ocean-view adventure at the Downtown Aquarium. Engage their curiosity with the wonders of the sea habitats. Share exciting moments with your kids in this massive transparent structure holding distinct species of aquatic organisms.

Kids can explore the ocean floor from a protective view and watch a shoal of Sharks swim by or watch the dolphin adorably flip their fins.

10. Engage the Kid’s Curiosity at the Children’s Museum of Houston

The fun never stops with the kids. Filled with energy and bubbling with excitement every time, it is only necessary we indulge their creativity and learning.

Taking them to the Children’s Museum of Houston engages their learning experience and educates their minds. Sessions at the Museum are interactive and fascinating. Traveling with your kids to Houston and wondering about creative things to do while in the city, the Museum should be first on your list.

11. Take the Kids to the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

This is one of the most fantastic things to do in Houston with the kids. Visiting the lush green landscape of the Arboretum & Nature Center is refreshing and therapeutic for the kids.

Photo credit: houstonarboretum

Enjoy a walking trail that features a significant number of frogs, turtles, local critters, and birds. Capture these moments with your kids and make memories of a lifetime.

12. Enjoy the Sunset with the kids at The Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve

This 80-acre landscape is just what the family needs for their relaxation after enjoying a city tour. Share family time at Marshall Lake fishing or throwing rocks into the lake.

The Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve has splendid spots for picnics, a fishing pier, a volleyball court, and other features that make the kids enjoy vacation time with their parents. You can enjoy the Sunset together and share conversations that strengthen the family bond.

When to Visit Houston, Texas

The best time to visit the city of Houston is around February to April and September to November because this is the period where you can enjoy the pleasantness that the town provides.

So, be sure to mark your calendar and take a trip to the fantastic city of Houston, Texas.

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