8 Best, Fun and Unique Things to do in Las Vegas

Things to do in Las Vegas

Planning a trip and thinking of things to do in Las Vegas and you are not sure what to do in the city while you are there? This trip is not peculiar to you because a trip to a new place requires some information to keep you abreast of things.

Welcome to Las Vegas, the city of million lights and Nevada’s economic nerve center. It is the city of magic where the streets are paved with lights and more lights. Sparkles and dazzles herald the visit of tourists to the town with a brilliant display of architectural affluence, a prominent phenomenon in the city.

Once a desert-bound grassy meadow, now a thriving business hub with a bubbling economy that is evident in the lifestyle predominant in the city. Famous for its casino-inspired proclivities and energetic disposition, the city has fantastic world-class locations and enticing business propositions for all and sundry.

A stay in Las Vegas city brings you memories written in neon lights with its fast-fleeting lifestyle and dynamic adventures. Home to the most significant glass pyramid in the world and famous for having the largest Hotel in the United States, the city holds the key to the most exciting places in the country.

So, here are tips on the things to do in Las Vegas if you are planning a vacation or business trip

Unique Things to do in Las Vegas for couples

1. Relive the memories of Titanic in an artifact exhibition at Luxor Las Vegas

Ignite the romance in your relationship with the love-inspired story of the famous ocean liner Titanic in Las Vegas. The ocean-bound vessel had met its waterloo on April 14, 1912, when the ocean liner hit an iceberg and started letting water into its hull. This disaster changed the course of history and redefined the life of many.

The love story between Isidor Straus, 67, and his wife Ida Straus, 63, was so remarkable that it forged a strong bond that they held their hearts against all odds despite being onboard a sinking ship. Walk the entire floor of each deck that had the frames of this iconic ship and immerse in the memories nestled on its walls at Luxor Las Vegas.

Photo credit: luxor

Looking to find inspiration to spice up the budding love between you and your partner, especially with the fiery connection that Jack, and Jane evoked in the movie Titanic adaptation. Experience the classic interior d├ęcor of the renowned ship, most of which are reclaimed relics from the original ship while the rest are a recovered section of the ship’s hull.

Share the passengers’ enthusiasm when they boarded the ship and explore the emotions tucked beneath their brows in their moment of tragedy. Discover over 250 artifacts gotten from the Titanic and have a glimpse of the China wares, jewelry, and some other significant souvenirs from the ship.

Still, think that your love story does not deserve the spark fueled by a romance that waxed stronger even in the face of imminent death? I guess not

A trip to Luxor Las Vegas should be one of the things you should consider doing together as a couple when you are in the city because it is an experience that will change your perspective and enhance your relationship.

2. Explore the majestic view of Bellagio Hotel & Casino

Treat yourself to luxury and enjoy the fantastic view of this magnificent 5-star Hotel which sits comfortably on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. It is a spectacle of delight to tourists who throng the tower to catch a glimpse of its synchronized water show.

Spend a night or two in the tastefully furnished rooms of the Hotel and wake up to blissful memories with your partner. Then, take a walk around the 8-acre water fountain and pool at night and watch a dazzling display of the dancing water fountain. Guests can also settle down to the acrobatic performance by swimmers from Cirque du Soleil, who entertain visitors with varying degrees of aerial acrobatics.

Photo credit: bellagio

It is an ideal getaway destination for every couple because the Hotel is true to its name, magnificent and world-class, and one that welcomes guests with the right amount of pleasure. So, engage your imagination and relish the luxury that permeates the Bellagio Hotel & Casino. You will be amazed at the creative mastery employed by the persons who nurtured the idea of this iconic tower.

3. Experience the sparkle of million lights at the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck

Like a lighthouse on the shore of an ocean, so is the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck. This 46-story architectural masterpiece stands tall in Las Vegas, giving tourists a panoramic view of the city’s dazzling ambiance.

Imagine standing on that lofty height and catching a glimpse of the city’s radiant glory with your partner by your side. It is indeed a moment that ignites an illumination that sets even the smallest detail aglow with passion, no wonder it is the most romantic spot in the city.

Thinking of the things to do with your partner in Las Vegas and wondering where to go and light the fire that would strengthen the bond you share? Well, the answer is right here. Enjoy the sparkle of a million lights from a structure that offers the most brilliant light show in the city, and your heart will come alive with warmth and pleasant wishes.

Unique Things to do in Las Vegas during the day

Undoubtedly, the city of Las Vegas is a beam of wonder at night, but there are still exciting things to do in Las Vegas for a day or during the day. Well, we have provided a detailed guide to help you navigate your way around the city during the day and at night.

4. Throw boredom overboard at the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is a place of fun and there a lot of things to do in Las Vegas, leaving no stone unturned in its definition. It is ideal for adults as they are allowed to do just as they please, leveraging the plethora of casinos that can be seen in every mile within walking distance.

The roller coasters give you a scream-worthy ride every time you get on them and the iconic display of the timeless pieces of the most influential artist of all times, Van Gogh. From the Marvel Avengers Station exhibition to the Princess Diana Tribute Exhibition, the Las Vegas Strip brings an adventure that is better experienced than told.

5. Tour the path of history at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum

What is a trip to a place without a souvenir of the past? The Las Vegas History Museum is the right place for all the correct information on various natural subjects. Located in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, the museum is vast in science topics and issues that border mammals, marine life, and exotic animal species.

A library of natural information structured with details provides every tourist with just the right amount of data from diverse fields of a naturalistic study.

It is educative and quite interesting to be at the museum, and you should consider a trip to this place as one of the things to do when you are in Las Vegas.

Unique Things to do in Las Vegas for free

6. Escape the city buzz at the Wildlife Habitat

Looking to enjoy the serenity cozied up in the city of Las Vegas, then a trip to the Wildlife Habitat should be one of the best things to do in Las Vegas. Immerse yourself in a world of a natural spectacle of roaming birds and cascading waterfalls.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then the Wildlife Habitat is a beautiful place to indulge in your comfort and bring relief to your mind. It is therapeutic and mind-blowing at the same time, at the cost of nothing. So, plan to visit this charming habitat full of biological species that you can only afford to see either on TV or read in books.

7. Immerse in the beauty of the Seven Magic Mountains

If you want to take inspirational pictures that reflect the arid composition of Las Vegas mingled with the beauty of the surrounding environment, then you better get the cameras ready because the Seven Magic Mountains bring you to a breathtaking layer of colorfully displayed towers made from rocks sourced from the environment.

Take brilliant pictures and revel in the goodness of a place curated from natural wonder. The Seven Magic Mountains can be quite warm due to the dryness prevalent in the area. So, do remember to stay hydrated and picture-ready!

Unique Things to do in Las Vegas with kids

8. Enjoy a hero moment at the Marvel Avengers Station

The fun never stops in Las Vegas, and there are amazing things to do in Las Vegas for everybody. The city is abuzz with adult-themed shows and games, yet it has some fantasy inspiration tucked away somewhere in the city and there are a lot of things to do in Las Vegas for teens and kids.

Photo credit: treasureisland

Yes, the kids enjoy watching the Marvel Avengers heroes from the comfort of sofas at home, but would it not be more fun to give them a real-life experience of their favorite superheroes? The kids are taken through an interactive exhibition featuring these iconic characters’ actual costumes. The kids are blown away with a view of characters they had always imagined and fantasized about in their heads.

Share some family time with your kids and create movies with your experience. Trust me, and it is exciting to do with the kids.

When to visit Las Vegas

The best time to visit the city of Las Vegas is from March to May and from September to November, when the weather is most favorable. Known for being the choice destination point for most wedding celebrations, especially for celebrities who throng the sin city to splurge on their wedding fantasies, Las Vegas is quite busy all-round the year.

The city plays host to conventions and diverse events, thus the need to schedule your trip when it is most favorable. In addition, since Las Vegas is a famous destination point for various occasions, it has facilities that provide discounts within the week.

So, grab those bags and get down to the city of lights, and you will enjoy every bit of your stay.

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