16 Best, Fun and Unique Things to Do in Nashville, Tennessee

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Ever wondered about the fun things to do in Nashville, TN? Then look no further, as this post will take you on a tour of the amazing things to do in Nashville.

Nashville is an incredible city with notable scenery. It is the capital city of the U.S State of Tennessee and is lodged on a hill surrounded by lush vegetation. The city is hilly and gives tourists a grand view of the spectacular landscape.

If you are on the groovy side, Nashville has a lot in stock. Famous for its musical inclinations and nicknamed the music city, it is a prominent music destination in the world.

Thinking of taking a trip to this famous city, here are some interesting things to do in Nashville.

1. Explore the Musical Symphony at The Musicians Hall of Fame

Nashville is a city of musical vibes and notes. It has an archive of renowned singers and songwriters who have serenaded the hearts of many with soulful lyrics and tunes that struck a chord of musical notes across the city.

The Musicians Hall of Fame pays tribute to the amazingly creative art of music enthusiasts who have made their mark in the country, soul, jazz, rock, and other genres of music. So, if you are a music enthusiast and are thinking of the things to do in Tennessee, the Musicians Hall of Fame is a place to be.

This music gallery gives its tourists a thrilling experience with the Grammy Museum Gallery and other exciting musical features. The musical exhibitions include singing, songwriting, producing, and other arts.

You can become a rockstar or jazz icon on the stage prepared for tourists at the Musicians Hall of Fame. Guests are also allowed to have a view of the timeless baby grand piano played by Elton John and Michael Jackson.

So, grab your dancing shoes and waltz to musical memories that will linger in your mind for an exceptionally long time.

2. Pay homage to a political icon at the Andrew Jackson hermitage

Suppose you are a history-savvy person and would love to explore the life and history of the 7th President of the United States of America. In that case, a visit to the Andrew Jackson Hermitage is just one of the things to do in Nashville, TN.

The life of the famous President Andrew Jackson is brought to the limelight with a guided tour, and if you are not a walk-in-a-park person, you might as well cozy up to a 22-minute biopic of the President. In addition, you are invited to a historical theme that highlights memorable information about the life of this political icon.

Photo credit: the hermitage

The Andrew Jackson Hermitage is named after the famous President because it was built by the President who lived there during his term as the 7th President of the USA. The building has a historical memento that every tourist acknowledges on any visit. 

Grab a pen and walk the history path on this famous building. Tour the bedrooms and living rooms that felt the touch of this famous President, and you will be glad you did.

3. Enjoy a Concert at The Ryman Auditorium

Nashville is a city full of energy and great vibes, and the fun never stops. Taking a trip to the memorable 2,300 Ryan Auditorium gives you a front-row seat at their fantastic performance. Since its Opening in 1862, the Ryman Auditorium has thrown its door open to cheering acoustics for decades.

A Ryman statue is right outside the auditorium that salutes tourists on arrival. The tour guides take you on an exhibition view of Johnny (Cash) and June (Carter Cash). You are also given a taste of the dressing rooms and the concert backstage experience.

A visit to the exhibition section of the Opry 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s is also a spectacle to behold. There are so many things to do in the Ryman Auditorium, and a visit to Tennessee unloads this box of surprises when you take a chance to make your travel experience worthwhile.

4. Enjoy a Front – Row Seat Performance at The Grand Ole Opry 

Ever heard of the longest-running radio show in the world and wondered where it takes place? Search no further because a trip to Tennessee gives you a front-row seat at this show because the Grand Ole Opry plays live at the heart of this city.

The Grand Ole Opry gives you a live performance of the best country music and an opportunity to listen to the musical composition of emerging artists. In addition, the tour guides take tourists on a backstage walk, giving them an in-depth experience of the musical architecture that has left many in awe on their visit. 

5. Ride the Old Town Trolley

Planning a trip to Nashville, and do you wish to tour the city at a glance? The Old Town Trolley gives their tourists a 90-minute trip around Nashville. In addition, the Old Trolley offers convenience to guests who do not want to embark on a driving spree around the city.

Photo credit: orioly

Explore the city’s beauty from the comfort of the Old Town Trolley. Take the turn and detour that puts the city’s famous places within your view. Enjoy the parks; trust me, there are remarkable things to do in Nashville, TN.

Unique Things to Do in Nashville, TN for Couples

6. Lounge at The Bluebird Cafe

Does your relationship need a romance boost, and do you want to tug at the strings of your partner’s heart? 

Visiting the Bluebird Cafe is the perfect opportunity to indulge your musical inclination and hear the inspiration behind these amazing songs from their creators.

Photo credit: bluebird cafe

The Bluebird Cafe is a 90-seat arena that gives tourists an interactive session with songwriters from various genres of music. However, the seating capacity of the venue is small hence the rush of ticket sales. 

If you are a couple in Tennessee and want an intimate musical session with your partners, grab a ticket from the Bluebird Cafe and enjoy the sound of music together.

7. Have an Outdoor Experience at The Radnor Lake State Park

Nothing beats an outdoor experience because you can treat yourself to some fresh air and take a walk to ease some stress. Enjoy the bounty of nature in this breathtaking park by taking a tour of the park’s history and wildlife exhibitions at the Walter Criley Visitor Center.

There are a couple of things to do when you visit Radnor Lake State Park. You can take a walk on the 2.4-mile walking trails or enjoy a canoe ride on the river that adorns the park with its flowing beauty. 

8. Enjoy an Evening Walk at The John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

Are you looking for things to do like enjoy an evening walk with your partner and you are looking for a favorite spot to do it in Tennessee?

The John Seigenthaler Pedestrian bridge is a 3,150ft structure that spans the Cumberland River and connects the Riverfront Park and Cumberland Park.

Take a walk on one of the world’s longest pedestrian bridges and talk about all the fondest things they can imagine. The bridge gives its tourists a spectacular view of Nashville’s skyline through a canopy of steel beams and rods that supports this craft of great architectural skill.

9. Catch a Glimpse of the City from a Nashville Hot Air Balloon

On the Nashville Hot Air Balloon, you are adrift in the air with pilot Bob, cruising the skyline for 45-60 minutes for about 5-10 miles per hour.

 On this hot air balloon ride, you can enjoy a view of the city with your partner in your arms. 

10. Have a Lunch Date on The General Jackson Showboat

Do you like the idea of floating around in a hot air balloon? Then it would be fun to ride the sky with your partner.

The General Jackson Showboat is famous for its shows, one of the largest passenger showboats that hold up to 1,000 guests. In addition, it treats its passengers to either dinner or lunch cruise, a fantastic delight for passengers and tourists.

Thinking of things to do in Nashville as a couple, then search no further. A lunch or dinner date on the General Jackson Showboat is sure to make the perfect romantic idea for any couple.

11. Visit the Cheekwood Estates

The Cheekwood Estates is another fun place to be in Tennessee. Thriving with a wide array of botanical plants, it gives its visitors a floral welcome with its green scenery and garden landscape.

Named as one of the top 10 botanical gardens by USA Today, this 55-acre estate has a note of historical presence with the Georgian Mansion that was built in the 1930s but presently serves as a museum of art galleries.

Unique Things to Do in Nashville, TN With the Kids

12. Fun Time at The Escape Game Nashville

It is always nice to have family time that strengthens the bond in the home. But, do you need a great escape from the distraction of a busy lifestyle and need a bonding moment with the kids? 

Escape with the kids in this unique game of fun. At the Escape Game Nashville, eight members are allowed to figure out a way to escape from the specially arranged props and setups that makes the game fun.  Enjoy the fun and adventure as you treat your kids to a time of their life.

13. Explore the Nashville Adventure Science Center

Indulge the creative imaginations of your kids with the educational adventure that the Nashville Adventure Science center presents.

The TinkerLab allows you to get creative with your scientific ideas, and the best part is that the parents and their kids can work on creating content that can serve as a souvenir for their visit.

14. Tour the Parthenon 

The Parthenon is an architectural replica of the original structure in Greece. It stands tall on the support of structural beams and is designed with beautiful artwork that pays tribute to sculptural design from ancient Greece. 

It is a spectacular place for tourists to see the 24-foot statue of Athena. Then, thrill the entire family to a historical view of the Parthenon, and they will talk about it for a long time.

15. A Family Time at The Nashville Zoo

Looking for things to do? Which kid would not love the idea of having a view of their favorite animals? Enjoy the fun of interacting with them even though it is from a secured part of the zoo. 

The Nashville Zoo is the habitat for over 6,200 animals. It is a composition of 340 species, safely kept in a space that allows tourists to have a public view of the animals.

The kids can enjoy fun activities like playing in the jungle gym and riding the Wilderness Express train.


16. Have a Snack Time at PFunky Griddle

How would you like to make pancakes with the kids in a restaurant? Sounds interesting and fun.

The funky Griddle is a restaurant that offers tourists an opportunity to make their pancakes. Designed with culinary features that put a grill in the middle of a table so the guests can prepare their meals.

The time at the PFunky Griddle is amazing because parents and kids can cook their way to fun with baking skills and family-eating time.

When to Visit Nashville, Tennessee

The best time to visit Nashville, Tennessee, is from April to October because this period presents favorable weather conditions for tourists. 

You can visit your favorite places and enjoy the scenery within the city’s terrain. And when the holiday season draws closer, the city comes alive with breathtaking light that illuminates the spectacular feature of Tennessee.

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