Caribbean | 6 Top-notch Places to Camp | Latest Update


Camping places are all around the world, depending on your choice, although camping experiences in different places come with their uniqueness. For example, a camp experience in Dubai will differ from camp scenes in Canada and California. An example of the best place with standard and adventurous campgrounds is in the Caribbean. 

The Caribbean is rich with nature preserves, tourist views, hills, mountains, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, shores, etc. In addition, there are thousands of camping grounds in the Caribbean. 

These six top-notch camping grounds in the Caribbean will suit your budget and satisfy your curiosity. They are as follows.

1. Three Brothers Hotel, Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

This camp place is located seven miles away from Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast. The island has wonderful adventurous sites like spacious beaches, hidden coves, and traditional fun nightlife. The only non-campground featured is the island is three Brother’s Hostel. This Hostel serves as a backpack for visitors. It is very affordable for visitors to Camp during their vacation on Little Corn Island.

2. Travel In’ Guesthouse, Mahahual, Mexico

Travel In’ Guesthouse is a stone’s throw from Mahahual Beach. It offers campsites for visitors to pitch their tents, bungalows, and other luxurious facilities. It is located on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mahahual, Mexico.

3. Camping Culebra, Culebra, Puerto Rico

The Island of Culebra is located in Culebra, Puerto Rico. Most campers relax, sleep on the beach, and enjoy the sound of the waves and cozy breeze. The island can only be accessed by ferry planes. The beach pristine playa flamenco is located on this island. It was voted the world’s best beach. Tents are available for campers, so you do not need to come in with a tent. There are some affordable local delicacies cooked at the campsite. 

4. Rivers Eco Lodge, Rosalie Forest, Dominica 

This Lodge is Located in the middle Rosalie rainforest on the small island of Dominica between Guadalupe and Martinique. Campers can bring or rent their tents, and there are also luxurious cottages for campers who want privacy and more comfort.

5. Apalanchiis, Cabo De Vela, Colombia

Cabo De Vela is an expensive low hostel that caters to backpackers and offers cabins, hammocks, and tents for rent. Suppose you want to explore the fishing village Apalanchiis, Guajira Peninsula, and Cerro Kamachi hills. This hotel is an accessible and secure camp place for you.  

6. Cinnamon Bay Campground, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands 

Cinnamon Bay is located in the north of St. John, Virgin Islands. It is accessible by only ferry, water boats, and helicopters. The Campground is a few minutes away from Cinnamon beach. The Camp offers spacious places for campsites and also fully equipped cabins for a higher price. 

What are the 7 Caribbean islands?

The Caribbean has seven (7) islands, these islands are wonderful tourist sites you can visit during your tour of the Caribbean. The Islands have many adventurous, historical scenes, plus rich nature preserves. 

The Islands are: 

  • Greater Antilles: This is the most visited island in the Caribbean 
  • The Leeward Islands. the northern islands of the Lesser Antilles chain
  • Haiti Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti
  • Saint Barthélemy
  • Guadeloupe Basse-Terre, the capital city of Guadeloupe
  • Sint Eustatius
  • Martinique
  • Windward Islands

Where is the Safest Place for Camping?

Camping in a safe place is a major concern to many campers. If you plan a camping trip, you need to check the safety of the Campground you are about to Camp. You can tour the prospective campgrounds and campsites to choose the safest place for your camp vacation. 

Secured campgrounds make camping activities free from accidents and unforeseen events. 

One of the safest places to Camp is one with fewer campers; camps with few persons are safer because of crowd control. It is easier to know who goes in and out of the Camp. Crowded camps can be in danger of criminals and hoodlums. 

Also, look out for campgrounds with no danger of a flood flash, and check if there are dead branches. Be sure there are posted signs. Check if the Camp is on a road or trail. Finally, check if the Campground is spacious for cars to move in and out freely.  

Also, check for. 

Wind: Check out the campsite to ensure it is free from wind. Find the wet area of the tree around the Camp to know where the wind blows from. 

Water drainage: Check if the drainage system is working. If it is not, this can result in a flood when it rains heavenly. 

Water Access: Water is very necessary for camping activities. You need a lot to drink, cook, bathe, and wash. Therefore, camps with water filling stations are the best and safest places to Camp.  

Visibility for rescue: Ensure the Camp is visible in case there is a need for rescue. Camps hidden are normally not safe. 

Game trails: Know if there are trials in the Camp. Check to know what animals are in the area. This is to prevent an attack from wild and dangerous animals. Look around for tracks and poop. If you notice any dangerous animals around, do not camp there. 

Sun and shade: Check for possible shades and shelters around the campsites, especially when it is sunny. Your skin needs protection from sunburn.

Tell someone: Tell a friend about your plans and give them where you are. 

Check Rocky Areas; This is very important to check if you are camping in mountain and desert areas. Avoid the accident of rock failing on your tent or you when the weather gets rough.  

Check out for snow-laden branches on trees; snow falls when it is warm. It could hit your tent or even injure you. Therefore, you need to ensure the place you pitch your camp tent is free from snowfall.

What Country is the Best for Camping?

The camping experience is based on where the Camp is located. Some countries have more standard, adventurous, and gorgeous campgrounds than others. Suppose you want to experience the best camping vacation. Then the best option is Canada. 

The Campgrounds in Canada are more adventurous and has incredible landscape. Plus, the friendly natural atmosphere and a campfire. Therefore, they stand as the top best camping spot in the world. They have the best camping sites in the world due to the natural view of stargazing, thousands of beautiful national parks, beautiful scenery, very low pollution, and low risk of natural disasters. 

Virgin Beach Camping

Virgin Beach Camping offers you the best opportunity for nature and a serene camping atmosphere. The beach is always less crowded and quiet. You can feel and experience the beauty of nature at the same time at busy campsites where you can eat and drink comfortably. There are also parking spots where you can park your car overnight. 

The beach does not have accommodation. Only a wide space of campsites, stores, and parking spots is available. 

Glamping Near Me

Glamping is a type of camping that involves both luxury and adventure. Most Glamping camps have luxurious hostels close to the campgrounds. Suppose you are thinking of giving yourself a great treat. Then, you can search for Glamping around you. For example, you can search on Google to locate Glamping near me. Google will show you varieties of campgrounds around your city where you can travel to. 

This type of camping will suit you if you love the outdoors and adventurous activities. Glamping accommodations near you could also be yurt camping rentals, fancy glamping tents, decorated secluded cabins, tree house hotels, etc.  

If you’re searching for Glamping near me, you can also browse for local vacations with Glamping Hub to book weekend getaways and local vacations. In addition, you check out for and book campgrounds near me, cabins to rent, glamping tents, yurt camping sites, etc. Glamping is always an amazing camping experience.