Camping with a Dog | 4 Fun Activities to do

Camping with a dog

Camping with a dog is not new to many, and this is because dogs are members of the family. It should be part of the plan to go camping with your Dog. As you plan for yourself and your family when going on a camping trip, you must also plan for your Dog if you have any. One thing to include in your plan is fun activities for the Dog. Many recreational activities will fully engage your pet while you enjoy yourself too. For example, you can take your dog hiking or a stroll around the campsite. Other fun activities you can do with a dog are. 

Scavenger hunt: This game is straightforward. You can set up the game for dogs using natural materials, like sticks, vegetation, rocks, and sand; you can bury balls and set gemstones as obscuring objects. Scavenger hunts are an excellent means to engage your pets. They will have fun digging for balls and adventuring in other things while you enjoy yourself.  

Geocaching; Geocaching is a unique spin on traditional scavenger hunts. The game is exciting to engage with dogs. You only need GPS capability, a free app, a compass, and a pen. You can also use trackable geocoins, tags, and caches kit for more effect. 

If you want to try something new on your next camping trip with your Dog, geocaching would fit in perfectly. 

Searching out seashells by the seashore, Sniffing is a perfect game for dogs. Dogs have a strong sense of smell, so it helps them to engage their potential. They can sniff out animals around the campsites. You can entertain your dogs by sniffing seashells by the camp seashores. This is a perfect game if your campsite is near a beach. 

Swimming: Dogs enjoy swimming. You can go swimming with your Dog or create a unique pool for the Dog to enjoy while you engage in other camping activities. 

4 ways to Camp with a Dog 

Camping with a dog is not challenging but fun, although this depends on how best you plan. No matter the size or breed of the Dog, it will fit into a well-planned camping trip. 

If you are going with your Dog, you need to plan for the pet separately. You must take the dog food, medicine, safety gear, and even a dog tent.  

To add, these are four tips on how to camp with a dog; 

  1. Ensure you go along with a tracking device; for your pet’s safety, go with a tracking device. If the pet gets lost in an unfamiliar area, you can easily find it. 
  2. Do not allow your pet to drink directly from the rivers or lakes, ensure you come with purified water or a water bowl from which your pets can drink. 
  3. Bring the dog food at eating time and preserve all uneaten food in an airtight container.
  4. Research the campgrounds and Parks; Check out all rules and regulations. This will guide you in choosing a campground that permits pets to be on the campsite. 

How do I keep my Dog Calm when Camping

Dogs react either positively or negatively based on many factors. For example, if you plan to camp with your Dog, I am sure you want it to be calm throughout the camping vacation.

To keep your Dog calm, you can do the following;  

Decide on Camping at a low-traffic campsite; Scout out for Campgrounds with few people. Quiet grounds can help reduce the anxiety of your pet. 

Avoid choosing a congested campsite, campsites near the entrance, high-traffic areas like bathrooms, garbage collection areas, or hiking trails. Choose a big camp.  

Camping with a Dog

Camp in an RV instead of a Tent; RV might suit your pet better than a tent. 

Exercise your Dog; Exercise is a way to relieve anxiety in dogs. It would help if you exercised your Dog before arriving at the campground. Even on the campsite, you can take a walk with the Dog every morning to keep it relaxed. 

Get plenty of delicacies for the Dog; You can carry a treat pouch so you can treat the pet to motivate them. 

Teach your dogs calm behaviors; you can teach them to pay attention to you, return when they see any strange thing, listen to signs and verbal commands, and lay down on their camp mat. 

Make sure you reward the Dog for every responsive behavior.  

Bring a secure tie out; you need a tie out to control your reactive pet. You can tie your Dog in a safe place. At the same time, you engage in other camping activities. 

What can Dogs Play with Outside

One way to engage your dogs, especially in outdoor activities like Camping, is by getting them toys. 

Check these dog toys below. 

  • Petstages Stick Chew; These sticks are wood and nontoxic synthetic material. It looks like a natural item, but it is just an artificial stick. Some in branch shapes, others round peanut shapes, in different sizes; big, medium, small. You can also stuff the chew sticks with delicacies.   
  • Wobble Wag Giggle: This special ball toy for dogs. It is made with vinyl, which makes it very durable. It is most available in an ordinary green color. The Dog will love fetching, nudging, and shaking the ball. It makes various unique sounds when played with, which will excite and attract your Dog. The ball does not need batteries to function. The secret of the sounds is the noise maker fixed inside the ball. 
  • XiaZ Retractable Interactive Dog Toy; This is a special chew toy attached to a string. It can be tied to a tree or branch. Once your Dog bites the chewing toy and lets it go, it bounces back to the Dog. This automatically keeps the Dog in a pleasurable routine. So, if you do not have time to play with your Dog, engage them with the XiaZ Retractable toy.  
  • Swim Bath: This is a mini dog swimming pool. It is a beautiful dog toy. You can place it on campsites or other outdoor activities, connect it to water, and then place the Dog inside to enjoy swimming. 

Camping Essentials for Dogs

Camping with dogs needs extra planning. If you are going on the next camp trip with your pet, these are some essential things you need to go along with. 

Below are some essentials things your Dog will need;

A leash: You need to keep your Dog controlled at all times in camp. This is to ensure the pet complies with camp rules and stays away from danger. 

A first aid kit: This is an essential piece of equipment to go along with, accidents happen, and you need to prepare for them. Always carry medical gear while hiking, camping, kitting, etc. 

Dog food; Your Dog needs a lot of food and water to stay healthy during your camp vacation. Ensure you carry enough for the Dog. You can prepare scraps from your meals. 

A tent: You might need a separate tent for your Dog if you do not want to sleep in the same tent with it. 

Dog towels; towels are essential after a dog bath, so carry one along. 

Water bottle; It is not safe for dogs to drink directly from the lakes and rivers, is also not safe for them to be dehydrated. So make sure you get a water bowl or bottle for the Dog.

Sleeping bag; You need to get a sleeping bag for the Dog. In case of snow and rainstorms on campsites. 

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