8 Best, Fun and Unique Things to do in Seattle

things to do in seattle

Things to do in Seattle, magical in every aspect and true to its name, the Emerald City is dynamic and beautiful in all ramifications. Seattle holds a spot as the city with the ideal destination places, and the things to do in this place are hinged on a vast exploration of the landscape, a hidden gem generously bestowed on this seaport city.

Seattle is in the northwest region of Washington State of the U.S, and is home to renowned tech giants across the globe. The city is flanked by several seaports and embraced by gorgeous green vegetation clad in vibrant hues all year round.

A trip to the Emerald City is blissful as the place is laden with intellectual giftings and natural endowments, a pivotal testament to the tremendous infrastructural development that has swept through the city like wildfire.

From Skiing, bicycling, sailing, and camping to other recreational activities, the city of Seattle has an environment that lends a hand to structural convenience for all types of outdoor sports. The things to do in Seattle on vacation are not farfetched from the fun-inspired activities curated by the city’s favorite tourist locations, which will keep any visitor enthralled.

Surrounded by a thriving lush green landscape that drapes the city with such beauty that evokes a spectacle of budding goodness, Seattle lounges on a blanket of hills nurtured by the flowing abundance of lakes. Tourists who visit the city are given a sublime passport to vacation-worthy attractions on every trip.

. So, if you are still thinking of the things to do in the city when you visit, then relax and taste the freshly brewed traveling tips this article has for you.

Fun things to do in Seattle for adults

1. Enjoy the spectacle of the Pike Place Market.

It is always a delight to have a meal prepared with ingredients fresh off the farm, serving wholesome foods that nourish us with the desired nutrients. Pike Place Market is the oldest farmers’ market in the entire country, bustling with daily business activities. The place is a spectacle of delight with the colorful display of fresh farm produce and pop-up food stores.

Filled with a discordant chant from various market vendors, the sellers implore tourists with an artful display of wares. Home to over 500 shops, restaurants, bars, and a plethora of vendors, the Pike Place Market is the best place to purchase fresh farm produce.

things to do in Seattle
Photo credit: Pike Place Market

Nibble on a freshly baked loaf or quench your thirst with a cup of freshly squeezed juice as you stroll through the expansive stretch of modern-day farmer’s market. Get ready with your camera in hand as you encounter fishmongers from the Pike Place Fish Market treating their customers to a fish-flipping stunt.

The market hosts more than 10 million tourists annually owing to its vibrant and exciting fun spots. So, whether you are grocery shopping or just relishing the site of this popular farmers market site, each trip to the place brings you an experience of Seattle’s most energetic attractions, jinxed with a spark to cradle your vacation fantasies.

2. Indulge your culinary cravings at Nue, Seattle

After a tour of the city and you have worked up an appetite, you might as well check into Nue to enjoy eye-catchy cuisines prepared by seasoned chefs who give you a taste of Seattle’s finest recipes. From local dishes to intercontinental meals, the restaurant packs a punch with mouth-watering delicacies that delights your taste bud. Want a place that treats you to sumptuous street foods with a blend of multicultural recipes? Nue is the right place to be and one of the best things to do in Seattle, especially for that culinary craving tendencies.

things to do in Seattle
Photo credit: Nue Seattle

Located on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, this global restaurant gives tourists a memorable dining experience with every visit. So come grab a bite when you are in the city and dine your way to tasty memories of excellent culinary skills.

3. Hike your way through Mount Rainer

The landmarks in Seattle reiterate their stance on its beauty. The place is an Emerald City with a vast stretch of stunning hills coated in a blanket of snow during winter. Standing at 14,410 ft (about 4.39 km) above sea level, Mount Rainer is a beacon of grand spectacle in Washington.

An active volcano, ready to erupt at any time, the mountain poses a risk to visitors who defy the imminent threat to splurge on its gorgeous landscape. A ride into the mountain park unveils a wild array of wildflower vegetation and dense forest enveloping Mount Rainer’s lower slopes. It is a breathtaking view and most tourists, especially ice skaters, hike their way through the mountain to enjoy a ride down its sloppy terrain.

things to do in Seattle

The mountain is a converging spot for five rivers, namely the Mowich, Nisqually, Cowlitz, Puyallup, and Carbon, all of which share the same tributary. So, if you are up for a hiking adventure spiced with a need for an adrenaline rush, gear up for a hike through Mount Rainer and capture unforgettable moments you can take home as a souvenir.

Unique Things to do in Seattle with Kids

4. Share happy moments at Tukwila Family Fun Center

Looking to have a fun time with the kids at a place where you are not sure where to get it in Seattle? Well, search no further because the Tukwila Family Fun Center has the features required to provide engaging entertainment to kids of all ages.

Located at 7300 Fun Center Way, Tukwila, Washington, this family’s favorite vacation spot is the ideal place for fun-packed adventures for the kids. Catch a ride on the bumper boats, enjoy a bowling game or settle down to a virtual reality game and cheer heartily at the excitement they provide.

things to do in Seattle
Photo credit: Fun Center

Indulge in tasty desserts and munch on pizzas and burgers when you have worked up a hunger during all the exciting games you have enjoyed with the kids. Other enjoyable activities include arcade games, laser tag, go-karts, and mini golf.

The truth is that the kids deserve as much entertainment during a vacation as adults, and Seattle has just the right place for that. The site promises exciting adventure, one of the best things to do for your kids.

5. A fresh perspective of sea life at Seattle Aquarium

This is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Seattle with the kids. The city’s spectacular glass-housed aquatic inhabitants are situated along the waterfront just a few blocks from the Seattle Art Museum. Tourists are given a bird’s eye view of Washington’s waters dwellers, an exhibition that displays an array of local aquatic mammals in a 120,000 -gallon water tank.

things to do in Seattle
Photo credit: Seattle Aquarium

Give the kids a close perspective of the sea life through a view of the coral reef tank and a kid-friendly touch tank. They are immersed in a world of aquatic bliss framed in a glass structure, which enables a nice view of these ecological species. The Seattle aquarium is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. for a token of USD 21.95 to USD 36.95 for adults and USD 18.95 to USD 25.95 for children aged between 4 to 12.
Keep a date with Seattle Aquarium and treat your kids to fun-filled entertainment, education, and creativity.

6. Have a safari experience at Woodland Park Zoo

In the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, Woodland Park Zoo is a conservatory park that has housed thousands of wildlife species. This animal sanctuary is situated on 90 acres stretch of land, which displays a diverse ecosystem rich in animal culture.

things to do in Seattle
Photo credit: Woodland Park Zoo

This multipurpose park is sectioned into a zoo and space for recreational purposes. This gives tourists room to share picnic moments, tour the botanical garden and treat their kids to a quality fun time at the play area dedicated to children.

Planning a trip with the kids to Seattle? Then delight them with a safari experience at Woodland Park Zoo, and they will love you for it.

Unique things to do in Seattle at night

7. Explore the beauty of Seattle from the Space Needle

This iconic landmark towers 600ft above the city of Seattle, a sentinel of the city’s bespoke landscape, beckoning tourists with a grandeur salute of creative splendor. Explore a panoramic view of the city from a 520o observation deck and revel in the beauty of its awe-inspiring landscapes.

things to do in Seattle
Photo credit: Space Needle

From the spectacular Olympic Mountain to the snow-capped peaks, the Space Needle gives tourists a grand view of the city, which is threaded through the eyes of award-winning interactive technology and digital artistry.

It is a beautiful spectacle at night, and the city shines like the emerald it is called.

8. Sip on vintage wines at Seattle’s Tasting Room

Want to shake up things a little at night in Seattle? Then take a walk to the Pike Place Market, and right at the heart of this place is a wine tasting room that offers its customers a taste of a well-fermented winery collection served from an old-world style wine bar.

things to do in Seattle

Choose from a collection of over 60 wines made available to customers daily. From the cellars of various industrious winemakers, a cocktail of pleasantly creamy and velvety wines delights the taste buds of multiple tourists who have graced the door of this tasting room.

Are you still thinking about what to do in Seattle when visiting the city? I bet you got some answers to all the curiosity tucked away in your mind. So, book a flight to Seattle today and be sure to enjoy a welcome to a city full of magical surprises nonother than the type provided by the Emerald City.

When to visit Seattle

The best time to visit Emerald City is from September to October because it is a peak period for summer vacations, and the city’s favorite tourist spot is busy with activities. Unfortunately, during this period, there is a hike in hotel fees and is less available for the teeming guests who throng the city to catch a glimpse of its natural gem.

During Spring, there is a drop in the hotel rates but a more likely encounter with warmer temperatures, rain, and cooler breeze.

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